• Diversity

Embracing Diversity

We embrace diversity and welcome opportunities for inclusion throughout our business. We cultivate an environment of respect, where each individual’s distinct life experience empowers our ability to generate ideas, grow, and achieve our business objectives.

Our company is comprised of individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, ages and genders, with different experiences, thoughts and ideas. This multiplicity enhances our team, as diverse ways of seeing result in creative and innovative solutions for our business and clients.

We want all of our employees to be comfortable being their entire selves at work every day. Because we believe that different backgrounds, perspectives and passions help create the ideas that move all of us forward.

Our Solutions

We respect the land, rights and cultures of the communities we work with, creating opportunities for those people in the communities where we operate.

As part of our ongoing efforts, Flint’s Inclusion Committee meets quarterly to ensure continual improvement and implementation of our diversity and inclusion strategies. Our diverse workforce comprise the committee which fosters greater diversity and inclusion awareness throughout our organization.